Goods & Services Tax

What Is GST Is All About?

As The GST came in the market as a The Game changer . The multicities of Indirect taxes lead to ambiguity in tax return which in turn gave birth to GST. Gst Gives The transparency In Tax return What are we paying & what Amount of tax you are paying For the service or product. Previously before the advent of Gst ,many Indirect taxes on the products were the results of tax on tax. Here comes GST Suvidha Centres To Consolidate The Customer.

Early Taxation

Before GST, Two Types of taxes we had one was the VAT which was For Goods & The secondary is The service Tax Which Was For the latter. It will have no separate tax based on good or services and state borders which will make it easier and less expensive for importers and exporters.
The constant Wrangles have been made in the birth of GST. The Previous tax Structure wasn’t easy to understand . The Gst Created uniformity In Tax Return. It deducted the panic that used to rise in Tax structure.

Advantages of GST

All Gst Transactions will be Implemented online. So The Messy Processes all are removed which leads to Ransparency in online businesses.
Gst removed all the indirect taxation System Between States. User Don’t need to pay the different taxes on the same product . Gst made only single Tax on the same Product.
Gst Removed all Hidden Costs associated with the Businessess.
Gst is made with such a scrutinity that it will lessen the tax collection my the government.

Is Gst For You or not?

Businesses Who earns income lower than 20 lakhs they are not required for registration in GST .

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